about me

Hi, I’m Marié O’Connor. Born and raised in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I married the man of my dreams in May 2019 and could not have asked for a bigger fan and supporter of what I love to do.

I have had a camera in my hand and have been capturing moments in time since before I can remember, but never imagined photography as something I would consider as a career! As time passed by, my love for still frames grew. By the end of high school I had decided to educate myself on the theory, application and techniques of photography, graduating my tertiary education in 2009.

Unfortunately, after I completed my studies I found myself in a corporate job and kept my photography as a part-time career. It wasn’t until 2018 that I decided I wanted to go full-time in my photography and make it my full time job, as that is where my passion lies and is just simply what I love to do.

Early 2019 my husband and I immigrated to Scotland. His company had offered him a new post at HQ, so I agreed to support him in chasing his career goals and I am fortunate enough to be able to build on mine in “Bonnie Scotland”, which is just simply a photographer’s heaven with all its natural beauty.

I am an Aberdeen based portrait and lifestyle photographer. I love to capture people in their natural elements, to capture fun, laughter and love as naturally as possible in the most fun way possible. I am a people’s person, tattoo lover and an Old soul with a passion for all things vintage Lol! And try to live life to its fullest.

When I am not taking photos, I am enjoying married life and exploring our new country we call home!

I would love to meet you. Let’s grab a coffee and chat about your desired shoot!

MO xxx