I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and have been there my whole entire life until this year, 2019 when my Husband and I emigrated to the UK.

But all the years of being in Cape Town, one of my biggest dreams were to visit the beautiful elephants in Knysna, South Africa. I was there with my family as a young girl but I have no memory of it really. Every year, growing up we went to Hartenbos, Mosselbay on holiday as a family, and would visit Knysna often, but we never did go visit the beautiful “Elllies” again.

And so the day of our Honeymoon came, I had already been to the UK and returned to SA to marry the man of dreams. We then decided to do our Honeymoon in SA before the official “permanent” move to the UK and so we did. He surprised me with the long dreamed visit to the beautiful Ellies in Knysna and boy was it worth the wait.



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